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‘The 100’ 4×12 recap: “The Chosen”

‘The 100’ 4×12 recap: “The Chosen”


The 100 Season 4, Episode 12 recap: “The Chosen,” Aired May 17, 2017

The 100 4×12 equals pPure chaos. So basically, the Conclave meant nothing because now everyone is fighting for a spot in the bunker again. Our folks are split between a mission to save Raven and the nonsense going on back in the bunker. Let’s check in to see what went down!

Rescue mission. Raven is still stuck in Becca’s lab and they need to get her to the bunker before the death wave hits because they need her brain. Bellamy volunteers to go and so does Clarke. This is actually really good for them because they really need some time to talk. Murphy and Emori decide to go too because they plan to stay in the bunker on Becca’s island since they won’t get a spot in the big bunker. Road trip!


Road trip drama. So Bellamy and Clarke are riding up front, chatting about life, death and Clarke’s decisions. It takes about 30 seconds for Bellamy to crack a joke, which tells us that he isn’t holding a grudge. If anyone knows about making these super morally tough decisions, it’s our Bell-Bell. In the back, Emori and Murphy are being adorable and in love. The fun ends when someone jumps in front of the truck, causing them to crash into a tree. They are swarmed by random Grounders who try to kill them for their radiation suits. Things aren’t looking good for our peeps but in rides Echo to save the day like a boss!


Untested blood. They get Echo suited up and Monty and Harper are on their way to pick them up. Things seems to be going okay until they realize that Emori was exposed to the radiation and is coughing up blood. Clarke quickly volunteers her suit to Echo, despite Bellamy’s understandable concern. Clarke is an untested Nightblood so it’s unclear what the effects of the radiation will be on her but it doesn’t take long to find out. Not good.


Lottery. This lottery just feels super icky. The Skaikru peeps were safe until they reopened the door and let all those people back into the bunker. Now only 80 people out of over 300 from the Skaikru can enter. Abby wants to give up her spot and Jaha wants to start some sh*t. As Kane is reading the names, he notices that Jaha is up to something. He was planning to fight the grounders for spots. Not cool bro. WHY DO PEOPLE LISTEN TO JAHA?!


All hail Queen Octavia. She isn’t taking any of Jaha’s sh*t. He pleads with her to end the selection because she is Skaikru, but as she rightfully points out, she was never one of them. She tells them that they have until midnight to choose but she is clearly shaken by all of it. Luckily, she has Indra’s wisdom to help her. When their time is up, Octavia arms the Grounders and marches to confront Skaikru but Kane and Jaha already took care of it. They gased everyone and decide to go with the list Clarke made. They go through the unconscious bodies and carry out the people not on the list. It’s super sad ya’ll.


Back to the Ark. The motley crew arrives at Becca’s lab to great a worried Raven. It’s clear they aren’t going to make it back to the big bunker in time. That’s okay because this crew is heading back to space! Bellamy, Clarke, Emori, Harper, Monty, Murphy, Echo and Raven are taking the rocket back up to the Ark. They are going to live up there for 5 years. If anyone can pull it off, it’s this crew. Sorry big bunker folks, you are on your own cuz these folks are outta here.


The Season Finale is next week and it looks INTENSE! Do you think they will make it to the Ark? Side note: it’s going to look like a clown car when all of them pile out of that rocket. That thing is tiny!

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 May we meet again!

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