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‘iZombie’ recap episode 3×07 “Dirt Nap Time”

‘iZombie’ recap episode 3×07 “Dirt Nap Time”


iZombie recap “Dirt Nap Time” Aired May 16th, 2017 on The CW

Wow! For the season just starting out, we seem to be on a pretty crazy ride! This episode features sock puppets, ghost peppers, and of course a womanizer.

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The Cure

Before we get into the brains of the episode, let’s start with where we are with the cure. Major feels extreme guilt for giving his dose of the cure to Natalie. Liv blames Blaine and immediately wants to go after him. Peyton tells her where she can find him. Ravi defends Blaine, telling them Don E visited him with 50 grand in exchange for a dose of the cure.

So, Liv tracks down Blaine outside the club he has been entertaining for the past few weeks. Liv immediately attacks him, trying to force him to admit he stole the vials. He acknowledges that he isn’t a good person, but swears he isn’t the one who stole it. Ravi is there with Liv to help her rein in her anger before she goes “full zombie”.

Liv confronts Don E next, but he also insists that he had nothing to do with stealing the cure. He admits to offering Ravi money for one dose and seems disappointed he wasn’t the one who stole it. He is frustrated as he tells Liv that whoever did steal the cure is going to be rich. This leaves Liv, once again, with zero clues as to who stole the vials.

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The Victim

Meal of the week: Kindergarten teacher

Cause of death: Multiple nails to the head

Jamie Brennan seems like a good guy as he’s using a puppet to teach his class how to express feelings. Things go down hill after class when Piper begins interrogating mothers. She accuses her of sleeping with Jamie and throws a pair of panties she found at Jamie’s to prove it. Another child walks out and says the panties look like her mother’s, leading Piper’s anger to hit it’s boiling point. Jamie tries to calm the women down but is unsuccessful. The principal then makes her appearance, sternly telling them it’s not the time or place for the discussion.

The next time we see Jamie is with his forehead full of nails. Liv chows down on the teacher’s brain via a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the crust cut off. By the time she and Clive interview the principal, Liv is already feeling the effects of the brain. Mrs. Zelinski admits that Jamie was quite a womanizer.

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The Women

Clive and Liv interview Jamie’s girlfriend first. Piper admits she was angry and jealous because she wanted to be exclusive with Jamie. She thought he wanted the same thing, until she discovered all the signs of his cheating. She tells Liv and Clive the names of several women she knows Jamie was sleeping with. Piper also informs them there are probably more women she doesn’t know about.

Next, Clive and Live interview Macy. She has an alibi that is verified by her husband. When Clive and Liv reveal proof of her affair with Jamie, Macy and her husband don’t seem surprised. The two admit that they have an open marriage and Macy’s husband seems fine with the arrangement.

Finally, we have Eleanor. Another married mom having an affair with Jamie. Clive informs her that they need to speak to her husband about the affair, and she doesn’t seem happy. Liv channels her inner kindergarten teacher and uses a sock puppet to convince Eleanor to agree. When her husband Greg finds out about the affair, he immediately bursts into tears.

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The Killer

Liv sees Jamie and Macy being followed in a vision. The license plate of the car following them matches the message on Jamie’s fridge. Clive discovers the car belongs to a PI and he and Liv head out to investigate him. When they find him, the PI reveals that he was following Macy. Seems her husband hired him because he was suspicious of her. The PI also says he was pretty sure Jamie knew he was following him. Clive and Liv head back in to interview Macy once again. They finally get her to confess that her husband, Will, killed Jamie and she knew it.

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Major and the other mercenaries discover Don E’s speakeasy. Anyone who wants to join has to eat a ghost pepper. Major is about to try it, when Don E recognizes him and lets the group in. As soon as they leave, Major heads right to Liv and Clive to tell them all about it.

Don E and his buddies make their way to the funeral home to buy Blaine’s brain supply. When they leave, a bodyguard stays behind and shoots Blaine. He tells him it’s a message from his father. Blaine immediately offers money in exchange for protection.

On the Dominatrix side, Peyton offers a plea deal to the murderer. The only stipulation being him giving up the memory card with footage. Another lawyer enters, offers to represent him, and immediately accepts the plea deal. But he didn’t hand over the memory card. James Weckler’s attorney comes to inform Peyton that he committed suicide in prison. In response, Peyton heads right to Ravi and asks him if he can have Liv eat Weckler’s brain.

Harley Jones

Justin gets a phone call with a lead on Harley Jones. He teams up with Major and the two of them track down Harley and his friends. Before they can do or say much, Harley runs Justin over and drives off. With a “full zombie mode” Harley in tow. When Harley and his friends stop, they discover the camera attached to their car recorded the whole thing.

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What do you think is going to happen now that there is proof of zombies? Do you think a reconciliation between Peyton and Ravi is on the horizon? Let us know in the comments below!

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