Home TV ‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 7B premiere discussion: A.D.’s end game
‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 7B premiere discussion: A.D.’s end game

‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 7B premiere discussion: A.D.’s end game


Pretty Little Liars season 7B: Episode 11, “Play Time,” Aired Apr. 18, 2017

If two can keep a secret, then one of them is dead …



I know you have missed the show as much as I have, so it’s good to see it back on our screens again (for the last EVER season). Although, I’m not too pleased that A.D. is back with his/her games. Obvi, the Liars’ lives couldn’t be too easy, so A.D. is back to haunt them. The new game is just beginning, and it’s being referred to as ‘End Game’, which makes me nervous/scared/all-the-feels.

Let’s discuss A.D.’s mysterious ‘End Game’:

The girls were “gifted” with a black box with a red bow, but inside was something more sinister. It was a board game designed exactly like Rosewood and, of course, complete with figures of each of the girls. Basically, A.D. sent them a f**ked up version of monopoly. Everyone was tired of A.D.’s game, so they decided to not play it and take a stand. But Spencer had other plans …

She took it upon herself and decided to play anyways. The game asked her to choose between “truth” or “dare,” and spontaneous Spencer went with dare, which led to her visiting Toby so she would get a reward. And what was the reward? Oh yeah, a note from Mary Drake, aka her REAL mom. The letter wasn’t exactly full of love, so it didn’t seem like much of a treat.

Once the rest of the Liars found out what Spencer did, they were mad AF, which is understandable as they really need to stick together through this. Just as they were arguing, the phone lit up and BOOM, here is A.D. dropping yet another bombshell with a vid of them digging up Rollins. Uh-oh, he/she knows that they killed him.

What does A.D. have planned for them?

Whether it’s A or A.D., there is always something devious and dangerous planned for the girls. Now, I wonder what A.D. is going to do next with their end game? With it being a board game to drive his/her plot, I can only guess that they are playing each of the Liars against each other.

But what on earth will happen to the loser? OMG, I dread to think. In each episode, I’m going to expect to see the Liars being tested and made to go against one another until, wait for it… THE END GAME. Let’s just pray A.D. doesn’t make anyone kill any more people.

Also, that end scene with Jenna — HOLY S**T! What’s with the doctor’s outfit? Hmm, I’m going straight to guessing a doctor we have known for a long time. Oh yes, I’m talking about Wren. I think he has something to do with all this. Let me know what you think about A.D. and the end game!

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