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‘Arrow’: 6 reasons we love Nyssa al Ghul

‘Arrow’: 6 reasons we love Nyssa al Ghul


Arrow has been making a lot of casting announcements lately, one of which is that Katrina Law will be returning as Nyssa Al Ghul in the season five finale. Nyssa is a fan favorite character and this news has been met with excitement all across the internet. Here are five reasons why fans love her so much.

Her Compassion


Nyssa is an incredibly tough and strong character, but she isn’t evil. She has a great deal of compassion, which is what led her to save Sara and nurse her back to health. Although she later fell in love with The Canary, her initial choice was purely an act of goodness- saving a stranger from certain death.

Her Strength


Nyssa has overcome all kinds of obstacles in her life, many of which are caused by her toxic relationship with her father. Ra’s does not accept Nyssa’s love for Sara, and even forces her into a marriage with a man- Oliver Queen. Throughout all this, she remains strong- fighting for herself and what is right whenever possible.

Her Skills


This lady is one talented marksman and fighter. Nyssa grew up in the League of Assassins and it shows. Whether she is taking down a target from miles away, or winning in hand-to-hand combat against multiple opponents, she rarely ever breaks a sweat!

Her Love for Sara


Although these two aren’t currently an item, Nyssa’s love for Sara was inspiring. It was a selfless love; Nyssa even opposed bringing Sara back from the dead because she knew that it was not what Sara would want.

Her Friendship with Laurel


The dynamic between Nyssa and Laurel added a great energy to the show. Nyssa’s confusion at modern day things such as milkshakes and fries was hilarious, and her mentorship of Laurel really helped shape the Black Canary.

Her Loyalty


Whether it be to Sara, Laurel, or the League, Nyssa is loyal. She remained loyal to her father and the League in early episodes, and it took a lot for her to break that loyalty. Her loyalty to Sara is a driving force behind many of her actions in seasons two through four, and she shows a loyalty to Laurel and even Oliver as his “wife”.


Arrow‘s season finale is sure to be epic with Nyssa around. Also returning in the finale are Manu Bennett and Katie Cassidy.

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