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‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’: recap 4×18 “No Regrets”

‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’: recap 4×18 “No Regrets”


Agents of SHIELD recap, Season 4, Episode 18, “No Regrets”, Aired April 18, 2017

Coulson and Mace. We start with Teacher Coulson and the grizzly, hot Mace looking for Skye. They stage an accident to stop the Hydra bus. Mace is on the lookout for an “old friend” and Coulson hopes that Skye will be on it. She isn’t but some dead bodies are! They head back to the SHIELD base to figure out other options after manhandling the Hydra dudes on the bus.

Fitz and Skye. Still badly beaten, Skye is still trying to wrap her head around the new Fitz. She tries to reason with him but it becomes crystal clear that Fitz in Framework is too far gone. Fitz wants info on The Patriot and wants zero to do with Skye and her Aida smack talking. He is absolutely chilling to watch.


Super powered May. Ready to serve Madame Hydra and take down The Patriot, May volunteers for a serum injection that will give her some crazy super human strength. It seems that undoing May’s biggest regret has paved the way for many more regrets and now she will do anything to make up for the new mistakes she has made. It’s like she is digging a hole she can’t get out of.

A word with Jemma. Mace and Ward are not on board with Jemma and her story. Jemma tries to convince Mace and Ward about the other side but it’s harder than it sounds. And they make some good points. How do they know what’s real if it all feels so real? Jemma has no problem giving the finger to the Framework and all things in it, but then she sees Mack and Hope. How can she dismiss all of the Framework after seeing the good things in it. She is now mayor of that spot between the rock and the hard place.



Ward. So after Jemma tells Ward and Mace about the real world, Ward apologizes to Jemma for what he has done to her in the past/real world. It’s so earnest and given the situation, it puts Jemma in a strange spot. On one hand, she knows that Ward is evil and deserves her cold shoulder punishment but on the other, in Framework he is super helpful. And after seeing what a slight alteration to a person’s past can do, it’s hard to look at Ward in the same way. Maybe this Ward never followed Garret. Maybe that one decision changed everything just like Fitz is still Fitz, he just took a different path.

Framework. Aida enters the room and gives Skye the lowdown on the Framework. No regrets! Aida offers to bring back Lincoln if Skye gives up her location in the real world. Skye refuses. Later, Skye hears a weeping Radcliffe through the wall. They talk about the changes in Fitz and how just one sentence can change a person’s life. Radcliffe also gives Skye the location of a backdoor out of the Framework.

“BTW’s, your psycho prison sucks.” – Daisy


Fitz’s dad! Fitz’s papa shows up and at first we are super excited because we know how badly Fitz has wanted to know his dad but not so fast. His dad is actually the reason Fitz is the way he is. He’s hard nosed, stern and raised Fitz to be ruthless with a creepy family motto of “no sympathy.” It explains a lot and actually makes Fitz’s Framework story even more heartbreaking. When he comes out of this, he will have to cope with the fact that he killed a woman and that the thing he wanted most (his dad) was the root of his evil.

This mission is a trip. Mack rigs the bus up so that it’s untraceable by the Hydra folks so Coulson and Mace take the bus into the Hydra base. They need to rescue their inside man from the “Enlightenment Center.” It’s Trip!!! He took some footage of Fitz’s new project to kill all Inhumans and he was hiding it in his boot. Sneaky.


Rescue mission. Coulson goes to save a former student from one of the terrifying Hydra buildings. With Aida’s approval, Fitz orders an airstrike on the building where the brainwashed kids, The Patriot, Coulson, Ward, Trip and Jemma are. A suped up May heads in too, with Patriot killing on the brain.  As soon as she gets in, she is like WTF Hydra, there are kids here. That’s when we see a shift in May. With the building coming down and trapped kid, Mace lifts a beam up to save him. May doesn’t take the shot and Mace dies fighting. What’s worse, Mace isn’t just dead in the framework, he’s dead in the real world too. Real world Aida flips his switch off. RIP Mace.

It’s on. May brings a terrigen crystal to Skye and changes her. Maybe Coulson’s pleas for May to snap out of it really worked or maybe seeing Hydra firing on kids was enough to bring her back to reality. That smirk that Skye gave just before she was covered in the cocoon was everything. Get ready for Quake ya’ll.


That was intense! What did you think? Tell us your thoughts!

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