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‘Once Upon a Time’ 6×17 recap: “Awake”

‘Once Upon a Time’ 6×17 recap: “Awake”


Once Upon a Time recap: Season 6, Episode 17, “Awake” aired April 16, 2017.

Oh my gosh, guys…This episode was absolutely brilliant and made me feel so nostalgic. It was the perfect blend of flashbacks, solutions and romance. Speaking of solutions, the Charmings are finally awake! And, you know, Emma and Hook got engaged again, and they are so endgame. So bare with me as I obsessively fangirl about this episode because it’s been one of my favorites thus far.

Captain floor is reunited


Hook is on the run from Lost Boys, bent on killing the pirate for Pan’s demise. It wasn’t all his fault, boys! As he is surrounded by the boys, he prepares for a battle, telling them to hurry up so he can get home to Emma. Out of nowhere, darts start shooting the boys down. From the brushes of Neverland comes Tiger Lily, seeming to be rescuing Hook from the crazy kids. However, it wasn’t a rescue, and she knocks Hook out. Honestly, when doesn’t Hook get knocked out?! Thus Captain Floor.

Sleeping curse put to rest?


Ah, but it can never be that simple. Regina and Zelena help Snow to finally defeat the sleeping curse the Evil Queen enacted, but it doesn’t go as well as they thought. They manage to erase the spell but only temporarily. By the end of the day, both Charmings will be asleep and Emma will have to fight the final battle alone. UGGGGHHHHH!

Season 1 feels


In this episode, we are met with Mary Margaret and John Doe. We find out that Mary Margaret actually awakens David and her from the curse way before Emma even shows up to break the curse. How? Well, there’s this little flower that Mary Margaret brought to the hospital that had some magical powers. All created by evil being around… Regina is not pleased with that sudden turn of events and has the town go after the two love birds. These flashbacks gave me all the nostalgia back to season 1, and I loved it.

Honestly Gideon…Black Fairy


As if I didn’t hate Gideon and the Black Fairy enough as it was… Snow and Emma go on an adventure to find that magical flower that awoke the Charmings all those years ago. As they reach their destination, the Black Fairy and Gideon appear. Apparently now is not the time for the final battle. The Black Fairy tells Emma she’ll be sure to know when that occasion arises. Oh goody; I can’t wait, I say sarcastically. The Black Fairy makes all the flowers disappear. Her version of the hair flip, but wait! One still remains.

Lost Boys don’t have a bloody bed time


Tiger Lily had planned to somehow get this wooden thing to Emma, but she didn’t know how. Lucky for her, Hook tells her that she’s the woman he’s trying to get home to. Tiger Lily sets up a plan for Hook to get his shadow to bring the thing to Emma. “Why is it never past their bloody bed time?!” Hook exclaims. Solid question, Captain. Tiger starts to distract the Lost Boys as Hook sets to work to get his shadow in gear to deliver the thingy to Emma. He manages to do so, and he hitches a ride with his shadow, finally finding an escape to return home. But the Lost Boys drag him down before he can leave. Cue me throwing my pillow across the room.



Back in flashback land, Snow and Charming find Rumple to help them figure out what is going on. He tells them the flower holds the power for them to find Emma 18 years before she’s destined to come to Storybrooke. When they approach the door, they see little Emma. Snow, however, can’t go through with getting Emma at the moment because everyone else would still be cursed. Emma is destined to come to Storybrooke and take everyone out of their misery in the curse. Phew! Changing the past is never good.

Neverland and proposals and crying


The plan is simple: use the flower magic to break the sleeping curse once and for all. Though, something goes awry when Hook’s shadow appears, and Emma immediately senses something is wrong. The shadow even had his hook. That made me hella emotional. Just as the shadow starts to leave, he caresses Emma’s cheek, and I just kind of die.  Snow, President of the Captain Swan fan club, tells Emma she needs to use the power to save Hook.

Emma walks through the door and arrives in Neverland. After kicking one of the boys’ butt, Emma grabs Hook, pulling him safely through the door. At this point, I am screaming. They arrive back home, and Hook tells Emma that he needs to do something. Boom! He proposes again, telling her that her future may be uncertain, but she can count on him being there for her. So much better than the first proposal. Honestly, Captain Swan shippers got two proposals, and that is just amazing. I’m still not over it. I managed to not cry, but I think I was just too excited for them to reunite after a million and two years. I am so pumped they’re finally reunited. Wedding time!?

I’ll probably be watching the proposal scene like a thousand times…

Sleeping curse party


Gathered in the city hall, Regina has made a temporary sleeping curse for the whole town to take so Snow and Charming can wake up. Hook’s the first one to drink from the chalice, and everyone follows suit. Soon the whole town is out cold, but the Charmings are wide awake. At once. Woah…Can we just take a moment to point out Emma and Hook holding on to each other for dear life? Sigh. They’re so cute.

I am so content with this episode. For once, I don’t feel any angst from the episode that I’ve felt all season. I’m not too worried because I know Emma can defeat the Black Fairy. It’s Emma Swan we’re talking about after all. What are your thoughts of this episode? Are you excited to see Zelena’s episode next week? Sign off below!

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