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’13 Reasons Why’: 5 Brilliant uses of foreshadowing you may have missed

’13 Reasons Why’: 5 Brilliant uses of foreshadowing you may have missed


Netflix’s new show, 13 Reasons Why, tells the story of the end of a teenage girl’s life through the tapes she left behind before committing suicide. Viewers are left to wonder exactly what happened as they binge their way through the show’s thirteen hours, but if you paid close attention, there were plenty of hints scattered throughout every episode. Here are 5 genius pieces of foreshadowing you may have missed.

The following contains major spoilers for 13 Reasons Why.

Jeff’s Fate


Arguably the biggest reveal of the series, Jeff’s death hit viewers hard. However, it may not have been quite as shocking for those who were paying attention. Clues about Jeff’s death are sprinkled all throughout the show. The most notable of these instances is Clay’s dream in episode 5 – after Hannah begins to bleed, the camera turns to Jeff who can be briefly seen with a head wound. This is the same wound that killed him in the wreck; Clay is clearly dreaming about both of his friends’ deaths, not just Hannah’s. This shot coupled with the fact that Jeff was never in any present day scenes makes it pretty obvious that he was a goner, especially when viewed in retrospect.

The Writing on the Wall


Another way this show hints at later events is through background information. In one of the first scenes of the first episode, Clay is seen standing in front of a bathroom wall with writing all over it. One of the most notable markings is the words “NO MEANS NO” written in red. This is clearly a nod toward the later storyline involving Jessica and Hannah’s rapes.

Tyler’s Photos


A slightly less blatant use of foreshadowing is in episode three, when Courtney is arranging Hannah’s locker memorial. Tyler is bothering Courtney by taking photos of her working on it. It seems that Courtney is merely agitated at being photographed, but after viewing the rest of the series Courtney’s “seriously Tyler?!” is seen in a new light. The fact that Tyler is taking photos of Courtney with Hannah’s memorial is gross, because Tyler taking photos of Hannah (with Courtney) is one of the things that lead to her suicide. It is also notable that Tyler quickly walks away when Hannah’s mom enters the scene, most likely due to his guilt.

Alex’s Attempted Suicide


For many, the revelation that Alex had shot himself in the head was a surprise. It really shouldn’t have been, though, because the show gave us plenty of warning signs. Nearly everything Alex does throughout the series is a warning sign of suicide- from quitting the Jazz band (a hobby he used to love) to cleaning his room just before committing the act. The show used Alex to show the audience that it isn’t as easy to pick up on these signs as we think it is, and to help the audience see the perspective of those who were unable to stop Hannah.

Tyler’s Plan


Admittedly, this plot point is still technically a fan theory, but one the show has heavily hinted at. It appears in the finale that Tyler is plotting a school shooting, which may become a driving force for season two. This is shown through Tyler hoarding guns and hanging photos of his peers in his room. This coupled with the fact that Tyler is excessively bullied throughout the show, even by Clay, indicates some pretty strong foreshadowing towards a shooting.


Did you manage to catch these hints while watching? Did I miss any big foreshadowing? Let me know in the comments or on twitter! And head on over to our TV page for more on 13 Reasons Why.


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