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‘Supernatural’ recap 12×18 “The Memory Remains”

‘Supernatural’ recap 12×18 “The Memory Remains”


Season 12, Episode 18, “The Memory Remains”, Aired April 13, 2017

Time for a filler! This was a total filler episode but it had some creepy monster moments and some super cool colt usage. We start in the woods. And we know when a nice, young man goes for a stroll in the north woods of Wisconsin on Supernatural, it can only mean trouble. The man triggers a trap and gets tied to a tree, which is super weird. Do you know what’s weirder? The creepy ass Goat Man named “Black Bill” that walks up and hits him in the head.

Email the Grave. The boys get an email from “Mick” about the case but it’s actually Ketch. Do we smell a set up? Possibly. Sam and Dean head to the town to investigate. There are two Black Bill victims so far and they are being kept in the town’s meat packing factory. Turns out the family (aka the Sheriff) that owns the factory also owns the town. Dean hooks up with the waitress and Sam cracks the books. Classic!

Big Bang Theory

Family Secret. The search for Black Bill leads the boys to the Sheriff’s house. At the Sheriff’s house, the Winchesters confront him and he spills on his family’s secret. The Sheriff’s family kept the God of Sacrifice in their basement and fed it human blood once a year and it made them rich. But there’s a problem. It busted out and got Dean! Sam and the Sheriff head out to find them. And in a not shocking reveal, it’s Pete, the bitter half bro of the Sheriff who let the monster out. But why?


Snoops. So, as predicted, Ketch set the boys up to leave town so him and his team of BMOL could swarm the bunker to find as much info on the Winchesters as possible. The BMOL team plants bugs in the bunker and Ketch searches the rooms. He pauses on a pic of Mary Winchester. Then they leave but not without a souvenir. Yep, Ketch swiped the photo of Mary.


Legacy. Sam saves Dean from the creepy goat monster and the evil brother. He shoots the bad bro and then ices the monster with the colt. Boom. Back at the bunker, Sam and Dean get to talking about what their legacy. They decide that the people they have saved will be their legacy and then they carve their initials in the table, just like they did in the Impala when they were kids. Awwww.


They also learn that Ketch is their new boss now that Mick is dead (but the boys don’t know that). He is creepier than ever and now he can listen to every word they say! Ew.

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