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‘Midnight, Texas’ Premiere Date and New Trailer!

‘Midnight, Texas’ Premiere Date and New Trailer!


If you weren’t already pumped for summer, you will be now! NBC announced that July 25th is the official premiere date of it’s highly anticipated new show, Midnight, Texas. If you aren’t familiar, Midnight, Texas is based on the books by author, Charlaine Harris who’s novels inspired True Blood.

Check out the new extended trailer:

The show centers on Manfred (Francois Arnaud), a psychic who’s semi-dodgy life choices have forced him to skip town once again. This time he relocates to the small (and super interesting) town of Midnight. Along with Manfred, we are introduced to a slew of supernatural townsfolk who call Midnight home but this small town is anything but sleepy. It sits on the veil between Hell and the living, which gives us some seriously awesome Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibes. We dig it!  The trouble is, that veil is getting thinner. According to the prophecy, an army is going to rise to seal it. Will Manfred stick around to lead this army? We will soon find out!


The new trailer is packed with Midnighters in action like Lemuel, the blue – eyed vampire (played a Greek God Peter Mensah), Fiji, who is “more than just a cat lady” (Luke Cage‘s Parisa Fitz-Henley), Olivia, the femme fatale with LOTS of guns skeletons in her closet (TVD alum Arielle Kebbel) and Joe, the winged guardian of our dreams (Jason Lewis). There is also some sort of tiger guy thing and we dig it.

All pretty bad – ass, right? Hells yes. But it doesn’t end there. Among the intense drama and spooky haps in Midnight, there is a romance that already has us swooning! Manfred and Creek (Sarah Ramos) are so adorbs. And did ya catch that shower scene? Yowza!

This show has it all. July 25th can’t come fast enough!

Midnight, Texas is coming to NBC on July 25th.  

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