Home All TV 2017 Shipper Showdown: Which Arrowverse ship is your favorite?!
2017 Shipper Showdown: Which Arrowverse ship is your favorite?!

2017 Shipper Showdown: Which Arrowverse ship is your favorite?!


Hey Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow lovers! Welcome to our superhero sized portion of the 2017 Shipper Showdown! The winner of Arrowverse ship polls will face off against the winners of the other 2017 Shipper Showdown polls in April, so vote for your favs to rep your show in the final!

There are four shows that make up the Arrowverse (if we include Supergirl). Let’s start with the one that started it all, Arrow!

Next up is The Flash!


Don’t forget the Legends of Tomorrow! It’s the show that ships everyone with everyone (including the ship)!

And finally, Supergirl!

No matter who you pick, remember to be kind! Vote as much as you’d like! The winner of this poll will go up against the other winners of the “Shipper Showdown” polls so vote and vote some more! This poll will end April 1, 2017.

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  • What Other Girls?

    WestAllen <3

  • Tina Keane

    What is caitlin and barry doing on this list? Ya could have included Linda instead since she is a canon li

  • LLena

    Supercorp 2nd Ahahhahahah There are only canon or ex canon ship and Supercorp, a fanon ship, is 2nd? LOOOOOL #Supercorp #Supergirl #KarLena #MonWho?!

  • Veneta

    No Sara and Oliver? It’s a shame, they were great couple on Arrow. And why is there Rip and Sara, I am surprised someone ships them!

  • Isabel Rain

    westallen, of course, the best couple from the DCUTV

  • Isabel Rain

    other thing why is there snowbarry? i mean they have never been a thing on the show, if you wanted to put another barry ship there you could have put barry and linda or barry and patty since those were canon on the show, just saying…

  • AJ Dragon

    As someone who didn’t vote on the Flash poll because that show I really don’t have a ship, just a couple dynamics I enjoy that aren’t represented in the poll, I find it weird so many of y’all are complaining about Barry/Caitlin and bringing up canon couples.
    Like Rip/Sara (instead of Carter/Kendra or Rip/Miranda) and Kara/Lena (as opposed to Siobhan/Winn) are non-canon but included over canon options.
    I mean I’d be interested to know how the choices were selected but it’s clear that canon isn’t a requirement.

  • Chrys911

    Westallen is the worst ship ever ew

  • violet

    let me get this straight..you included Barry & Caitlin who has never been a ship on the show instead of maybe patty or linda…two people he ACTUALLY DATED!!!! wowwww…