Home Movies From Babadook to Better Call Saul: Our Favorite Bingo Scenes in TV and Movies
From Babadook to Better Call Saul: Our Favorite Bingo Scenes in TV and Movies

From Babadook to Better Call Saul: Our Favorite Bingo Scenes in TV and Movies


If there are two things we have a great love for it’s bingo and movies. We decided to check out some ways in which both of these cross with an article on the top bingo scenes in films. These are some of the best ways that you can see this game on the big screen.

The Babadook

This psychological thriller/horror movie became famous because of its bleak outlook and interesting take on mental health. The main character goes on a bit of a journey through life and viewers are taken along with her. One scene that we see is the character hoping to give back by calling bingo numbers for the elderly.

She decides to put a bit of a twist on the same old boring bingo lingo, with some interesting new calls to put some smiles on those wrinkly faces. Unfortunately, the residents of this old folk’s home simply aren’t receptive to her chatter, giving more of a depressing feel to the movie.


This all out action movie couldn’t be any further away from our common perception of bingo. If you’ve ever played bingo in a hall or on UK bingo sites, such as those suggested at jackpotjanebingo.co.uk, you will be sure to have a hearty chuckle at this. The sniper makes his way through a hall in full regalia only for bingo players to be too engrossed in the game to notice!

We’ve all had that glassy eyed stare that comes with an intense game of bingo, which is what makes this scene so funny for players. It’s one of those relatable moments that we don’t usually see in films, as bingo can have a bit of a dowdy reputation. If you’ve played this game before, you might even remember instances in which you’ve been totally unaware of your surroundings.

Hotel Transylvania

This animated movie has the perfect mixture of childish and adult humor that makes it a joy to watch. It’s one of those amazing films that’s fun for the grownups and the kids alike, one scene that you’ll see this in is the bingo scene. This had us in stitches, as there was an Uncanny Valley element in there that will have you giggling in no time.

The monsters in this movie are so relatable, from the overprotective father to the overbearing mothers in there too. One of these monster mummies makes her way to the bingo hall for a distraction, only to find herself fighting with other players. We all know a sore loser and this monster is definitely one of them!

Better Call Saul

This Netflix series combines dark humour with some hilarious situations, really skirting the line between comedy and drama. In one scene, we see ambulance chasing lawyer Jimmy heading to the bingo to drum up some new business. This is his key to getting in with the elderly to sort their wills and bring up some litigations for them.

This ties in with that trope of bingo being for the elderly, especially those with some extra cash! Of course, it’s not long before they find out the real motives of this character.

If you’re a bingo player, or perhaps just a fan of comedy, then you’ll love these scenes. There are some truly hidden gems in this list so we recommend giving each of them a watch.

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