Home The 100 2017 Shipper Showdown: Which ‘The 100’ ship is your favorite?!
2017 Shipper Showdown: Which ‘The 100’ ship is your favorite?!

2017 Shipper Showdown: Which ‘The 100’ ship is your favorite?!


Hey The 100 ship lovers! Welcome to our The 100 portion of the 2017 Shipper Showdown! The winner of these polls will face off against the winners of the other 2017 Shipper Showdown polls in April!

In a post-apocalyptic world filled with such danger, you’d expect there to be little time for love but The 100 finds time to make our hearts burst. BUT just because there is love on The 100, doesn’t mean it’s happily ever after. Most of the relationships on this show are tragic and have ended terribly, but that doesn’t stop us from cheering for them!

Which ship will come out on top? Let’s find out!

This Poll is closed. Results were taken at 12:01am 4/1/2017. Thanks for voting! See the results here!

No matter who you pick, remember to be kind! Vote as much as you’d like! The winner of this poll will go up against the other winners of the “Shipper Showdown” polls so vote and vote some more! This poll will end April 1, 2017.

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The 100 airs Wednesdays on The CW at 9/8c! 

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  • ash429

    Bellarke is definitely my favorite.
    I liked Clexa too, but I feel like Bellarke have been meant to be for a long time.

  • Bellarke!

  • Mia


  • kittenclyde


  • Roby Cassis


  • Leila S.D

    I’m voting for Abby and Kane though Bellarke is definitely a close second.

  • Alex Memnlocke

    How is this Blarke trash winning anything?

    • lauryn

      because they’re actually voting. stop being pressed over a poll – if you’re not happy, encourage more people to vote for what you want to win instead of being rude.

      • MJ Sanchez

        I think we’re surprised that you guys are actually voting XD This should be an easy poll to win now that Zimbio is done. Good luck!

      • Alex Memnlocke

        And it only took the loo viewers to find out about the poll, for it all to crash around Blarke ears.

  • Letícia Pinto Cardoso


  • Veronika


  • KarlNaskille

    The only reason why Bellarke is leading is because Clexa winning on Zimbio.

  • Erin Del

    how come when I vote it only says 1 Vote?

  • MJ Sanchez

    Kru! Let’s make a comeback! You can vote as much as you can!

  • Kidding St

    Oh clexa is coming
    Keep voting
    We are clexa


  • LJ

    My fave ship is actually Bellamy/Raven. Those 2 had explosive chemistry back in season 1. No idea why the show dropped that ship like a hot potato but I’m guessing it’s because everything has to always be about Clarke and Bellamy has always been her endgame. Just a good thing that Bellamy has chemistry with everyone because Bellamy/Clarke has developed nicely as well. But I’d still like to see Bellamy and Raven’s friendship grow as well.

  • MJ Sanchez

    The previous comment got me thinking. The list should be longer. Rellamy, Niylarke, Memori, Jasper/Maya, Briller . . . Why are they not on here?

  • Paui

    Bellarke is boring, Clexa and Becho FTW! Shout out to Linctavia and Marper too!

  • K Brynne

    Bellarke only came 5th ?? Did the entire fandom vote them down ? LOL

  • Leska Kom Trikru