Home Teen Wolf 2017 Shipper Showdown: Which ‘Teen Wolf’ ship is your favorite?!
2017 Shipper Showdown: Which ‘Teen Wolf’ ship is your favorite?!

2017 Shipper Showdown: Which ‘Teen Wolf’ ship is your favorite?!


Hey shippers! Welcome to the Teen Wolf portion of the 2017 Shipper Showdown! The winner of this poll will face off against the winners of the other 2017 Shipper Showdown polls in April!

Hoowwwwwwllllll! Teen Wolf may be almost over but that doesn’t mean our shipping hearts will be put to rest this year! If anything, we are more passionate about the couples on our favorite wolfy drama.

Who’s your favorite? Is it Malia and Scott, is it Mason and Corey or is it Stiles and Lydia? Check out our poll to vote for your top pick to represent Teen Wolf in the 2017 Shipper Showdown!

So which Teen Wolf couple will you pick to face off against the other ships in the 2017 Shipper Showdown?

This Poll is closed. Results were taken at 12:01am 4/1/2017. Thanks for voting! See the results here!

No matter who you pick, remember to be kind! Vote as much as you’d like! The winner of this poll will go up against the other winners of the “Shipper Showdown” polls so vote and vote some more! This poll will end April 1, 2017.

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Teen Wolf returns this summer on MTV. 

(Featured image and poll image: MTV)

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  • Sms

    you need to get an unbaised person to run polls. She’s going to cheat and make stydia win no matter what

    • Khendra Libbey

      Right? She even condoned the awful way the Stydias acted in the e online poll.

  • Rr

    “Vote as much as you’d like!” I voted then refreshed the page to vote again and it won’t let me vote a second time, all it shows is the ship I voted for and the %. So idk if there’s a glitch in the poll or if it’s because I voted for a ship that’s not Stydia, which we all know Meg favors, but something funky is happening

    • youarew

      Open the new window in private/incognito mode every time you wanna vote again.

      • Rr

        Okay that’s annoying af to have to do but it does work, thank you!
        But still, you shouldn’t have to do that tbh. Seems odd to state “vote as much as you’d like” but you have to do x y and z in order to vote multiple times, you know? You should be able to just refresh the page to vote again. So yeah, it’s still funky imo

        • youarew

          You’re welcome. That’s exactly the same on Zimbio March Madness poll tho – new incognito window every time (I agree that’s annoying, but that’s not rare or unusual).

          • Rr

            True, Zimbio does that too. When it said “vote as much as you’d like” I thought it would be like the eonline Top TV couples poll where you just refresh the page to vote again ’cause they had the same line in those polls.

  • Maddy29

    ‘Vote as much as you’d like’ I tried voting for Sterek more than once, but it won’t let me. What’s up w/that? Also, why is stydia the only ship that’s tagged on this poll?

    • youarew

      Open the new window in private/incognito mode every time to vote again.

  • Hannah

    … Where’s Scott and Allison, Lydia and Jackson, and Noah and Melissa?

  • Caroll Anderson

    *From the land of tumblr and fanfics the Sterek fandom rises again.*

    We never really left, and we come to remind Jeff Davis that he cannot just make up a couple. He had the chance for greatness and he chose to let it fade away. It’s very much alive in our hearts and and it’s eternal.

    Carry on #Sterek fans!

    • marie line

      True words. Wise words.

  • marie line


  • Thandy

    No Peter and Stiles ?

    • marie line

      I love Sterek but steter is my weakness, i call them the three S, sass, snark and sexy.

      • Thandy

        Can you rec me some of your favourite Steter fics?

  • :)

    teen wolf:We listen to the fans!!!The fans want stydia!!!!!!Season 6, the stydia season!!!!!

    Stydia Fandom:*wins a few twitter polls* OHMYGOD we’re the biggest fandom!!!Stydia is the best,the fandom wants stydia. WE DESERVE THIS!!!

    poll: 71% sterek
    26% Stydia

  • Khendra Libbey

    Alright Meg. We all know you ship Stydia, so don’t fucking cheat if Sterek is still winning on the 1st.

  • K Brynne

    So . . . it took about an hour for Sterek to win this poll ? You guys are legends !
    Now excuse me while I enjoy the stydiots salty tears.

  • Khendra Libbey

    Okay. Tomorrow is the first. At this point Sterek is winning and I’m pretty sure that won’t change in one night. Make sure you stay true to this. No matter if you do ship Stydia

  • Khendra Libbey

    so its April first.. why is this still up for voting?