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‘The Vampire Diaries’ discussion: Will Caroline make a move to ‘The Originals’?

With The Vampire Diaries now officially wrapped *cries for an eternity*, could we see one of the main characters, Caroline Forbes, make a move to The Originals?

The ending of TVD sparked a hot topic about the future of Caroline and Klaus. We saw him donate hella money to Caroline to help fund the Salvatore Boarding School for kids with powers, and give her a handwritten letter which officially announces he hopes to thank her in person one day, “however long it takes …”


Y’all know I love Klaroline, so this made me super happy and excited to see where their future may go. Now, I’m not saying all this out of disrespect to Stefan (baby, I loved you too), but I personally do love Caroline with Klaus.

Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson have stated they purposely have left things open (and in an interview with Bustle, Williamson seemed very pro Klaroline), which means the possibilities are endless as to what can happen with Klaroline. We also know that Alaric pops up in the eighth episode of season 4 of The Originals. Could it set a storyline in motion for Caroline as well?

Let’s breakdown 3 fun possible Klaroline reunions in The Originals:

#1 Klaus sends his daughter Hope to the Slavatore Boarding School

Look, it makes total sense that Klaus should send his daughter to school here. She would be in great hands with Alaric and Caroline watching over her, and this would give her a chance to bond with other kids who have magical powers too. Not only that, but Klaus did invest in the place, so he may as well get his money worth. Me being selfish, I’m just thinking about parents night and getting a chance for Klaus and Caroline to “catch up.”

#2 Caroline gives in to her feelings for Klaus and makes an official move to New Orleans

Caroline just says f**k it, and decides she wants to be with Klaus and live happily ever after with him in NOLA. Wouldn’t that simple ending just be the sweetest for Klaroline? After all, Klaus did promise to be her “last love.”

#3 Caroline takes over for Cami

With Cami no longer around, Klaus needs Caroline now more than ever. He has always had a soft spot for blondes, so I would love for him to try to be more open with Caroline and talk to her when he is in need. Everyone needs someone for support, and Caroline gets him, so she is perfect. Once a month, or whenever Klaus is in need, wouldn’t it be great that Klaus could just call her and she could zoom off to NOLA to be with him?

Ugh, we just need a Klaroline reunion ASAP in The Originals, am I right or what?

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