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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: 6×08 “Blitzkrieg”

Teen Wolf: Season 6, Episode 8, “Blitzkrieg,” Aired Jan. 17, 2017

WHOA. That was intense AF. Let’s dive right in.

Alpha Nazi. We open with Mr. Douglas and his Nazi creeps. Mr. Douglas (or whatever his real name is) is telling the folks about his plan to recruit an unstoppable army — the army of the Wild Hunt! Then one guy at the table mocks him, and Mr. Douglas turns wolfy and rips the mocker apart. Mr. Douglas is an Alpha and a mean looking one at that. Gross.


Flash to now. In Stiles’ bedroom, Papa S. is chilling, holding the jersey. He walks around the empty room, and then a red ball of string and thumb tacks just sort of appear (ahhh!) on the shelf. In a wonderful lapse, we see Noah walking back and forth in the room, pinning the red string, and while he does, the room starts to fill back up with Stiles’ things. After he finishes, he spots a picture of a very sick Claudia with a young Stiles. If Noah remembers Stiles, will Claudia just vanish?


Who’s biting Stiles? In the police station, Malia, Lydia, Scott, Peter, and Liam are coming up with a plan to rescue Stiles! Scott wants to bite Stiles (GASP) to get him through the portal thing without dying. They think that if they can get Stiles back, he will come up with a plan to save everyone because that’s his jam. Peter is against the entire plan. He says that it’s suicide and refuses to help. (Aww, Malia.) He also mentions that everyone in Beacon Hills has been taken. Lucky for us, most of the key folks haven’t been taken (wink).


Mr. Argent and Melissa go for a stroll. Just kidding, he took her to the shed in the woods to stick her fingers in a Ghost Rider’s brain. (Maybe dinner and a movie next time, Chris!) Their alone time is ruined when Mr. Douglas shows up! He tells them that he chomped on the Ghost Rider’s gland so he could use the Ghost Rider’s weapons. (He’s a total fanboy.) Mr. Douglas is looking for the Hell Hound and nearly kills Chris looking for info. And then Chris hugs Melissa and all is right in the world. YAY!


Mason is missing his boo! He has Corey’s phone but no Corey, and he’s super sad. They are heading to the police station to hang with Liam and Theo. Can I just say, I love that they have Theo locked up in a jail cell. They realize that Mr. Douglas knows all about the Wild Hunt and that Theo knows all about Mr. Douglas. He IS useful. Theo says he will tell them about Mr. Douglas but only if they break the sword that can send him back. Liam busts the sword, and Theo starts talking.

He tells them that Douglas is part lion, part werewolf, and all Nazi dirt-bag. We see a flashback to Douglas in his Nazi days, trying to find the rift. He locates it and gets into a big scuffle with the Ghost Riders. I also found myself rooting for the Ghost Riders for the first time! Theo also tells them that Douglas is super powerful and power hungry. Great!


Oh SH*T! Keeping their word, Chris and Melissa bring Douglas to that chamber thingy that Parrish is in. But things go south REAL quick, ya’ll. When Chris pulls a gun on Douglas, they start to fight. And then Douglas hits Chris and Melissa with the whip! NOOOOOOOO! Douglas is super happy because he has control over Parrish now. But Chris and Melissa?!


It gets even crazier. Back at the police station, a Ghost Rider busts in and takes Mason! (Not my sweet boy!) Liam puts up a hell of a fight and so does Hayden. This scene was INTENSE! Hayden gets struck by two whips, and she realizes that Liam can still get away to warn Scott about Douglas. They share a super cute moment and he runs as Hayden becomes a puff of green smoke. Run Liam!


Into the Woods. In the woods, Lydia, Scott, and Malia are looking for the rift into the train station, and they find it! It’s below them. Malia runs right into the rift but they can’t figure out how to get in. And guess who shows up? It’s Mr. Douglas and his puppy, the Hell Hound.

He tells them that Parrish can open the rift, and that they can all go in together. Liam gets there in time to warn them that Douglas is a Nazi. When they don’t go along with his plan, Douglas whips at them until they get out of the way and Parrish pulls the rift open. (Why didn’t they just go with him and then figure out a way to stop him later?) No time to dwell, two Ghost Riders pop out.


We’re parents! At the Stilinksi house, Noah is ready to show Claudia their son’s room. He remembers everything! Claudia doesn’t go in and says that there is nothing there. Everything that Noah had seen in the room is now gone, and not because it was fake, but because she is there.

In one of the most emotional scenes of the season, Noah recounts the last day with his wife in the hospital before she died. As he speaks, a ghostly Claudia counters the things he says. The moment that he says “you were gone,” she is, and all of the stuff in Stiles’ room is back. He starts to cry, and then there is a glow behind him. That was a great scene.


Peter!!! In the tunnel, the Ghost Riders are trying to kill Scott and Malia, not take them. Yikes guys. Just when it looks like they are about to meet their end, Peter busts in to save them! He is able to distract the Ghost Riders long enough so that Malia and Scott can run. Malia and Peter share one last meaningful look before the Ghost Rider sends him packing. Lydia and Liam run down another tunnel and bump into a Ghost Rider, but he doesn’t shoot them because he is scared of Lydia. #BossBitch


#Remember. Back at the house, Scott keeps dialing his mom’s cell, but the number is disconnected and it’s super sad. They talk about what their next move should be, but everyone looks defeated when Noah walks in. Then, he finally tells us Stiles’ name! It’s Mieczyslaw! He says that the reason he went by Stiles was because he couldn’t say his name — he could only say “Mischief.” And then the Sheriff says that for a moment, he thought he saw him! Scott realizes that if they remember everything about Stiles, maybe they can open a new rift too!

OMG. That was an emotional episode! Let’s pour one out for Chris, Melissa, Mason, Hayden, and Peter.


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