America’s favorite political TV shows, state-­by-­state

Politics can be a heavy subject full of controversy, especially in 2016. However, you know by now we like to have fun at Pure Fandom. So let’s talk politics — and by that I mean political TV of course!

We were recently sent a map of each state’s favorite political TV show. Find your home state to see if your favorite politico show matches up with the rest of your residents. (And find a map that actually has state names on it if you need to. It’s OK. I’ll wait.)

favorite political tv shows around the country
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Obviously I’m not just giving you this map and then NOT projecting my own opinions on you. We are talking politics, after all. Some observations of my own when looking at the United States with a political TV lens:

  • The show that took home the most states with 10? A show that carried my home state of Pennsylvania, a show I never watched, and a show that only aired for 13 episodes. I think it’s safe to say 1600 Penn is the surprise of this map. What can I say — people really like Bill Pullman as their president.
  • Turns out people still like Jack Bauer, huh? I never watched the show, and that may disqualify me from giving my opinion ever again, but 24 is still a fan favorite in nine states.
  • Scandal might as well be a Republican presidential nominee with the area it dominated in. Olivia Pope finished third in total states with seven, all located in the south.
  • For my money, The Americans is the best political drama on TV right now. The FX staple is a favorite in six states across the country. Plus, I have inside information! The D.C. drama also ranked in the top five in 49 states, which is the most of any show.
  • Speaking of the best, I also think Parks & Rec is one of the best, if not the best, sitcom there ever was. It took home three states I couldn’t identify on a map unless they were labeled (turns out those states are Idaho, North Dakota, and Kansas). Looks like I’m headed west!

That’s all I got. But this is the perfect opportunity to get some debate going. Give us your home state and favorite political TV show on the comments!

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