Let’s Get Lit!: Meet Erin Rhew, author of The Fulfillment Series

Welcome to the new weekly series, “Let’s Get Lit!”, right here on, where we will chat with an ER picauthor about their work and their favorite fandoms!

This week’s edition will feature the wickedly talented, Erin Rhew!

Rhew’s fantasy series chronicles the journey of seventeen year old, Layla Givens. Layla’s tranquil existence is uprooted when she is abducted and believed to be “The Fulfillment” of an ancient peace prophecy. Kingdoms clash, unlikely friendships are forged and Layla must face her destiny as fate and love collide in this incredibly gripping series.

Meg Bonney: Hi Erin! Thanks for taking the time to chat!

Erin Rhew: Thank you so much for hosting me today! I really appreciate the opportunity to talk about my series and gush over fandoms! SQUEE!

MB: The series sounds awesome! Where can we find it?

ER: The easiest place to find it is probably on Amazon (isn’t that the easiest place to find most things—LOL), but it’s also available at all eRetailers. (Barnes and Noble)

MB: If you had to give fans of your series a name, what would it be? 

ER: So, I asked my Dream Team and my husband, and we came up with two I really like: Rhewvians and Rhewination. I think Deek (my husband) and I are going to really run with this whole Rhewination business. “Join the Rhewination.” I can see shirts and other swag, as well as fun pics of Deek and me looking all bad to the bone. Oh, the Rhew-minations… LOL! We really have a great last name for that sort of business!

MB: We geek out pretty hard here at PureFandom. What is your fandom? (A book, movie or TV show)

ER: I geek out quite frequently over a variety of fandoms. But if I had to pick just one (well, two because it can’t be just one), I’m a huge Percy Jackson and Game of Thrones fan. I’ve read every book in each series (come on, GRRM, I’m waiting for Book 6), and I’ve watched all the shows/movies related to each. When I take the online tests, I usually score in the “you know everything, even the weird minute details” range. LOL! 

My other fandoms include: The 100, Vampire Diaries, Thor, XMen, Reign, Vampire Diaries, The Infernal Devices series, Vampire Academy series, and Bloodlines series…to name a few.

MB: You are in the right spot! We love those shows too! Okay, let’s talk about the main character in the book, Layla. If you could dream cast anyone to play her in a movie version of your book, who would it be?

ER: Well, the story revolves around three main people: Layla, Wil, and Nash. They’re all connected to each other and this prophecy somehow. So, here’s who I’d pick to play them:

(Images: and

MB: Um, that sounds like an amazing cast! What about the villains?

ER: The series has two different main villains, Elder Werrick and Queen Cataleen and I’d pick:

(Images: and

MB: What Game of Thrones family would your main character be in?

ER: Layla would likely fit into one of three house: House Mormont because they’re known for their fierce female warriors; House Stark, which is known for its loyalty; and House Tully, known for its devotion to family.

MB: What house would YOU be in? 

ER: LOL! I think I’d be a wildling. Although I hate the cold (one strike against being a wildling…maybe Dorne), I consider myself to be a tough girl—you should see me on a boxing bag). And though I’m Southern and currently live in the Pacific Northwest, I don’t fully fit into either world, like the wildlings don’t really fit. However, though I’m not a 100% good fit for the South (I don’t even like sweet tea—the horror!!), I have a family, or wildling clan, that loves me, defends me, and sticks by me no matter what. I’ve seen my share of Whitewalkers (aka: really bad, scary things) and lived to tell about it. Like the wildlings in Season 5 of GoT, I’m also willing to do whatever it takes to get my family over the proverbial ice walls of life to make sure they’re safe, happy, and secure when the Whitewalkers of life come knocking.

MB: Nicely put! We are always on the hunt for a good book. What are you loving right now? 

ER: I work for a publishing company, so I always feel a little out of touch with what’s popular right now because I’m always looking for what’s next. Hmmmm…oh, I know!! Right now, I’m loving Birth of an American Gigolo by Deek Rhew! It’s available now!

MB: Ok, we need to talk Jon Snow. What is your theory on his fate? Is he dead? 

ER: Ok, I have a whole, serious theory on this! I believe in the R+L=J theory. I do not believe Ned Stark is John’s biological father because it completely violates his standards of honor. Ned DIED because he wouldn’t bend on his principles, so I have trouble believing he’d let his hormones get the best of him. I believe Jon is the son of his dead sister, Lyanna Stark, and Rhaegar Targaryen. In the first book, Ned is plagued by constant memories of his sister saying, “Promise me, Ned.” I think he’s remembering when she begging him to promise to care for her son and never let anyone know he was a Targaryen.

So, that means John Snow is the actual king of Westros. But since he’s a member of the Night’s Watch, he’s no longer eligible to be king. I believe when he was stabbed, he “died,” but he will be resurrected by the Red Woman. When she resurrects him, he’ll awaken free of his bond to the Night’s Watch and free to pursue his rightful place as king. Targaryen legend says dragons come in threes with three riders. I think the three riders of Daenerys dragons will be: Daenerys, John, and Tyrion. Given the Targaryen belief in intermarrying for a pure bloodline, I think it’s *possible* Daenerys may marry her uncle Jon, and they’ll rule together as king and queen. But I believe the three—Daenerys, John, and Tyrion—will usher in a new day and a new dynasty in Westros. If John is dead or a Whitewalker, I’m going to be very upset.

MB: AGREED! Ok, Time to play KISS, MARRY, KILL (PureFandom Edition) Who would you kiss, who would you marry and who would you kill: Percy Jackson, Jamie Lannister and Bellamy Blake (The 100)?

ER: As much as it saddens me to kill Jaime, I’d have to do it. I couldn’t kiss him because he’s been with his sister (ewww), and I couldn’t marry him because he’ll always love Cersai. I’d kiss Bellamy, and of course, as soon as Percy comes of age and crawls out of the pages of the book, I’ll marry him. Don’t worry, my husband, Deek, knew that was part of the deal when he married me. LOL!

MB: What is your writing ritual like? 

ER: I used to have a very specific writing ritual: 3:00-4:30 daily sitting in my bed while eating chocolate and drinking Diet Pepsi with Lime. But since I moved across the country, I haven’t established as solid of a routine. Now, it’s more about grabbing time to write when I can. Usually Deek and I get in a few hours of good writing time on the weekends, sometimes with some popcorn to help fuel the brain. But during the week, it’s hit or miss.

MB: If you could change lives with one of your characters for a day, who would you pick and why? 

ER: I think I’d be one of my secondary characters named Vespa. She is an Ethereal, so she possess the ability to control and alter people’s minds. I’d love to know what that’s like. And she’s absolutely adored by her significant other, whom I won’t reveal for those who’ve not yet read the books. Since I have the great honor and blessing of being married to the best man ever, Deek, I’d feel right at home in that part of Vespa’s life. Also, she’s sister to Wil and friend to Layla, so she’s always in the middle of the action. With someone as fun, spunky, and spirited as Vespa, I’m sure I’d get into plenty of trouble! LOL!

MB: Lastly, any advice for writers out there? 

ER: Two main pieces of advice: 1) Don’t give up. Believe in yourself and work hard to make your dreams come true. It’s a hard world and a hard business, but you can succeed if you keep persevering. Deek and I have tattoos that say “tenacious” because that’s what it takes to succeed in this business and in life. 2) Edit, edit, and edit some more. After you finish your rough draft, edit it mercilessly. Send it to your critique partners and beta readers and edit it after you receive their comments. And when you think you’re done and ready to submit, edit it again. Seriously. I read submissions all day long, and so many of them are not properly edited. You get one chance to make a first impression, so make a good one!

MB: Thank you so much for chatting Erin!

Want more Erin? (OF COURSE YOU DO!) 

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